Comprehensive Sleaning Services

Parkings cleaning

MPLUS is a company that dedicates itself weekly parkings cleaning (interior and exterior) of the most important Malls and Hypermarkets of Catalonia.

We provide a mechanized cleaning with scrubber, single disc machines and specific products for the elimination of each type of stain: oil, gasoline, tire remnants, rubber, etc.; even stains of cement, paint and rust.

In the same cleaning we obviously include the corners, the columns, the walls, the pipes, the conduits of different height, the electrical elements, the access ramps for the vehicles, information signs, etc.

We have a highly trained and specialized team and specific chemical products for the parking sector that allow us to offer a service of excellence, providing a result of high quality and duration.

You can find photographic material of our services on our website, in the News tab or on our Linkedin page:

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