Comprehensive Sleaning Services


We have a wide selection of the best products on the market and offer integral solutions in the cleaning and maintenance processes.

Our philosophy is to offer a service of superior quality, providing a cleaning service of excellence, for that purpose we have an exclusive contract with one of the most important chemical manufacturers in Europe, which allows us to stand out in terms of cleaning solutions, having a high technical knowledge, receiving training courses on cleaning techniques on a monthly basis and having new specific products according to the problems that our clients ask us to solve.

Additionally, we have an innovative dilution system for super concentrated detergents, using osmotized water, treated directly in the dilution machine, eliminating all impurities and mineral salts that can alter the effectiveness of the final product.

The main advantages of our dilution system are:

1) EFFECTIVENESS – When using osmotized water, the diluted product offers a higher yield per square meter, increasing the humectant power, increasing the degree of saponification, the degreasing action of the dirt and the efficiency of disinfection.

2) OPTIMIZATION OF COSTS – Dilutions of use drastically reduce operating costs, greatly improving traditional performance.

3) RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – Everything that constitutes the packaging of a professional detergent (container, cap, label, packaging) is reduced up to 95%.

4) COMFORT – Comfort is found in the production of detergent when desired, distributing it directly in individual containers or in cubes with a simple gesture.

We have a line of specific products, studied ad hoc and with the possibility of preparing different percentages of dilution, to properly treat the surfaces depending on their degree of dirtiness.

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